YouTube Monetization Pack

Special offer for applying to the YouTube monetization program. This offer requires at least one video longer than 60 minutes on your channel. Start time: 12-24 hours Duration: 10-14 days

Watch hours


Package price

Bonus video likes

Bonus video views

Your videos in YouTube recommendation section

Eligible for YouTube

Watch hours4000


Package price129,00 EUR

Bonus video likesup to 250

Bonus video viewsup to 3500

Eligible for YouTube

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Eligible for YouTube

from 50 000 to 1000 000 views per day
You control the speed
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If your video is interesting to the audience, then YouTube will promote you in the SERP for free (search, related videos, etc.).
It will give a free increase in views and subscribers.

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Ad view speed
We have access to the Google Marketing Platform tools used by the major advertisers with a budget of over € 500,000 per quarter
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Completely safe for you - our advertising tool is provided by Google
Our advertising specialists are always at your service! We work with volumes of more than 15,000,000 views per month
The target audience you need for the best price on the market (1000 views for 15 USD)
Your views analytics accuracy is 100% - because Google do it for us

Our prices

1000views 6,0EUR

Actually, different ad formats have different costs. For simplicity, we'll do an
efficient mix of formats for you, simplifying the ordering process and slightly lowering our margin.

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* Please note that YouTube may confirm your video for up to two days

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